October 22nd, 2005

Tip of the Hat

(no subject)

While my new computer has a more reliable connection to my poker website than my old one (plus I .... [hmm, my anti-virus software just interrupted me. It was downloading an update, and for the first time since I've been updating it, it says that this one requires me to reboot. I told it to wait.] um, where was I? Oh, yeah, I was about to say that I had the rare bad connection to my poker site.

I won't place the blame of leaving slightly over $4 down on the connection. I will say that my concentration was bothered by my erratic connection, and I should have left sooner than I did. I wasn't able to pay attention to the game at the level I like because of the connection -- I had no idea who was placing their bets immediately and who were slow to bet because of the connection and that does play a role in my deciding how I play. bah.

Well, I'm going to post this, let the computer reboot to make my AVG app. happy, have a sausage (I've been on a sausage kick for the last couple of months -- either polish from a local hot dog stand, or some store bought Eckrich Jalapeno & Cheddar Smoked Sausage), and then I don't know either poker or puzzle pirates.