October 26th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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You mean it isn't Friday? I went through most of today thinking it was Friday for some reason. I probably thought that because I've already gone through a full week of family stuff.

Nothing to report here really. It was all things I have come to expect, just more of it than usual it seems. When I sat down to write this entry I thought I had a bunch of stuff to say since it feels like I've already had a full week. Now I'm drawing a blank on things to say.

Fawn surprised me somewhat today. Every few days I take her with me to my parent's house. While she's over there she's either by my side or, for some reason she's taken a liking to my father. Today, when I looked for her and didn't see her near me, I checked the rest of the house on my way to Dad who was sleeping on the couch at the far end from where I was. Fawn was nowhere to be seen. She wasn't by Dad as I expected. I was standing there in surprise (a big white dog shouldn't be able to disappear in the house like little black cats can do) and figured I'd need to check the bedrooms. Sure enough, she was on Dad's bed until she saw me. Then she became my shadow again.


I've gone to bed early the last couple of days because I haven't had the energy to do much else. Tonight, I'll try playing some more poker. I did fairly well this morning -- I even thought of writing a bit in my poker journal, although I don't have the willpower/energy to do so now, on how the number of players changes the game. Longhand, shorthand, and one-on-one all require different tactics (Actually, the number of players at a table influence my play style more than a change in the betting structure -- although that does change the flavor of the game and the way it needs to be spiced too), and while I think I'm best at a shorthand game, I also think I can make the transitions from one playing style to another as the players come and go better than most others I've seen too.

Or maybe I won't play tonight. I'm starting to zone out and just stare at the computer screen. Perhaps that's a hint I'm more tired than I think. Not good for my playing poker. Yeah, I think I'll just post this then do something a bit more mindless before going to bed.