October 28th, 2005

cubbie bear

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I was just going to ignore the event I'm about to write about. However, I'm feeling like I need to write this.

I'm sitting here with the parade for the White Sox on the TV. Being a Cubs fan I'm watching it with mixed emotions. As the radio said the other day, the Diehard Cubs Fans must be hurting now.

I am happy that for the first time in 88 years Chicago has a world champion baseball team. It's just not *my* team that won.

I keep hearing the number 88. That's how many years it's been since the White Sox have won the World Series. I wish people were saying a number that I haven't heard at all, 97. That's how many years since the Cubs have won the series -- Ah, it'll be at least 98 now. The longest time any baseball team has gone without winning the WS.

Hmm, if I am remembering my statistics correctly (and while they have been in post-season play since then), it's been 60 years since the Cubs have even been in a World Series. For the White Sox, at least they were in it as recently as 1959 before this year.

Ah, I'm just tired of the Cub's "lovable losers" nickname.

The televison has shown grown men crying out of joy for the Sox win. I know if it was the Cubs I would be in tears. I have no tears of joy for the Sox though.

Although, the White Sox winning the World Series is a good thing for Chicago.

Um, it is.


a good thing.

Ok. I'm done.