November 5th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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I'm sitting here petting Fawn. It's another quiet weekend. A rainy November day with the threat of thunderstorms here. Strange weather indeed, but I'll take unseasonably warm.

I spent a good part of the morning playing poker. I'm only a few bucks ahead. I'm trying to figure out a rather interesting dilemma. There is a general rule where the lower the poker limit the easier it is to win. However, by the very definition of lower limits, there is less money involved too. So while I played a for a fair amount of time this morning, I only have a little less than $5 to show for it. I think it's time to go up a limit or two, although those high flop percentages at the lower limits keep tempting me to the easy tables where there isn't as much money to be had.

Then after poker my luck at unsuccessfully trying to call H continued.

Anyway moving on, yesterday.

I unexpectedly had a chance to go out to the pet store that sells Fawn's food, and got my exercise in, also prob. amusing the store employees. I grab a 20 lbs bag, took it half way to the register, then changed my mind and decided to get the savings a 40 lbs bag offered. So I went back and got a 40 lbs bag. On reaching about the same point I turned around with the 20 lbs bag, I noticed I had the wrong type of food and turned around a second time. So I go get another 40 lbs bag. This one did say "light" as Fawn's used to eating. I get to the register and the girl talks me into joining this pet club they have so I can get a discount on the food. Sounded good to me. Not only do I get a discount on every dog food purchase, but every 10th bag of food will be free too according to the girl.

On top of that there was one of those instant coupons on the bag. (The girl had some trouble with the cash register accepting that coupon, but the manager finally figured it out -- even the manager had trouble at first when the girl called her over to help).

Now I was running short on time and before I even left, I had told myself I would just go out there, get the food, and head straight back. As I said in previous entries, there is a book store near this pet shop. In my internet wanderings, I have been coming across a discussion of a book I read and valued as a teenager, Illusions -- The adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. To the point I wanted to reread that book. So I detoured to the bookstore and got myself another copy of it.

On the drive back I looked at the dog food I bought. At the bottom of the bag it said miniature pieces (or something like that). After all my back and forth carrying of the bags I still got the wrong stuff. Well, Fawn ate it last night with no complaint. So I guess it's ok.

I got back just in time to make an appoint I had, and ... well, I'll just summarize the rest of my day by saying I'm reviewing my situation, and know I have to be ready for when it changes. Yet, I'm not sure I have the capacity to handle the change -- especially alone. Ah, in my head I know I can get help. However, I have been (and still am) isolated and my heart finds it difficult to believe anyone who is able would be willing to help.

Well, all we can do is stop struggling and clinging to the river banks of time. Let the current of the river take us where it will. (Paraphrased from Bach's book).