December 1st, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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I don't normally even read spam anymore, but for some reason I clicked on this one. I found the gramatical phrasing amusing so after "well thought-out contemplation" I'm going to share it with the class.

>begin spam<


Your specific position has been discussed to the specific committees, and upon well thought-out contemplation, we are able to tender to you the next opening offer.

Based upon well thought-out contemplation you meet the requirements to acquire a considerable return on your initial property investment.

By completing the next attached form in a timely manner we will be able to decide our appraisal, and we feel assured you will acquire not only a lowered rate of interest, but also a cash return that will implement all your holiday needs and more!

Please go here to decide this stage of the contract.

With kindest regards,

Blanche Ross

>end spam<


In other news, check out pokerworks. There is a great picture of the Eagle Nebula in it. Ah, Pokerworks, it's not just for astronomy fans anymore!


In a more sad note, I had a morbid thought today. I've always heard of a saying that Death comes in threes, and I just read about a second death connected to someone on my lj friends list recently. I know I'm being superstitious here, but ... Well, everyone take care of yourselves, ok?

Oh, wait. Now that I think of it, there were three lj mentioned deaths already if I go back to September in my counting for the first one.