December 3rd, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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Um, I mentioned in my last entry on puzzle pirates that H was in line for my pirate flag's throne last night. I honestly didn't think she'd be made queen of the flag a few hours later -- as happened. I am happy for her.

In other news, I went to take my trash out today and found my garbage can turned upside down. I looked up and there's a new plastic can with my city's logo stamped on it next to the old steel drum the city had been using as trash cans. It was that way for my entire alley. When I walked Fawn over to my parents house in their alley the old cans were gone completely and the new plastic things were the only cans to be found.

That was a bit of a surprised. I'm used to the oil drums that used to be supplied for free from the refinery here in town. I had heard that the oil company stopped giving the city barrels to use and that the mayor vowed he'd still supply the residents with free trash cans despite that. So now we have these plastic things with flip top lids and the oil drums are disappearing from the alleys.

Hmm, it seems I had more to say before I sat down to write. Now, other than what I've typed already, I'm drawing a blank on what else I had to put here.

Fawn and I walked back in the snow tonight. From the forecast we're supposed to get another 2 to 4 inches over night. I'd guess there's maybe a quarter of an inch that has already fallen. My snow shovel is propped up by the back door from the 2 inches I woke up to on H's birthday. So I'm ready for the extra snow.

I'm also a bit headachy today. I think it's because of my late night playing pirate online last night. I should prob. go to bed early tonight. If I do or not remains to be seen.

Well, I'll post this and then go check my puzzle pirates game. Since blockades usually happen on weekend afternoons and I've got to be at my folk's house during that time, I don't get to participate in them. There were several this afternoon. I'll log on now and see which islands were successfully defended and which are now under a different flag's control.