December 12th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

(no subject)

There is a national news story that I am getting tired of hearing every time I turn to any news source to the point that I have considered avoiding listening to the news for a time.

Moving on, I haven't caught the holiday season yet. It's everywhere I turn from Frank the Goat here on lj, snow on the islands in my pirate game, the "Month of Celebrating" that neopets has each year, and even one of the poker websites I play at has change the player account page to have seasonal decorations around the border.

No, I'm not being a scrooge and wishing these things would go away. Actually, in one of my far too often intorspections I realized that holidays in general are a societal phenomenon. How many people who are alone even bother to decerate? I don't know, but I suspect that the more isolated a person is the less they celebrate the holidays. They also are reminded of their isolation and the social ... contacts isn't quite the word I want, let's just say those people are reminded of things they lack.

Ah, let's move on to some other subject.

Hmm, I'm drawing a blank. Musta left my extra lj topics in the pocket of my other pants.

Ah, I think I'll see who's on puzzle pirates.
note to self: If the dog wants to sleep in, don't let her. She gets far too active at night when she sleeps late in the mornings.