December 19th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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It's a cold day. Fawn just came inside and she was shivering badly. I hugged her tight and just held her for a time making sure she was warm.

Thanks to earning enough player points to get a bonus this morning, I quit just breaking even on my actual play very early, but with the bonus I made my daily goal and then some. Although, for the month I am still behind on my goal. I'm going to be cutting things closer than I like money wise. Then again there's nothing new about that. Although, I expect around the holidays there will be a lot of poker fish out there for me.

In other news, WGN is having a special "Bozo, Gar, and Ray" on Christmas Eve (and then again Christmas Day). Quoting directly from WGN TV's website it is:

"A look back at three of WGN's most beloved television series, "Bozo's Circus," "Garfield Goose and Friends" and "Ray Rayner and His Friends." The classic TV trilogy starred Chicago television legends Bob Bell, Frazier Thomas, Ray Rayner, Roy Brown and Ned Locke among others. 1950s holiday favorites "Hardrock, Coco and Joe," "Suzy Snowflake" and "Frosty the Snowman" are also featured. WGN's Dean Richards hosts."

As a very young kid I have vague memories of watching Garfield Goose. That show ended just as my earliest memories begin.

Ray Rayner I do remember well. I *had* to watch his show before going school every morning when I grew up. Ray visiting Cuddly Duddly at Cuddly's dog house and the two of them reading the kids fan mail was a favorite regular segment of mine.

I even remember one show specifically. Ray had Big Bird from Sesame Street on, and the guy took off the costume revealing Big Bird was just a man in a bird costume -- except for those boot/legs of big bird. The guy joked they were his real feet and it was a birth defect that he had those bird legs. I was young enough that I was shocked big bird wasn't real, and for years after seeing that show I believed that guy's real legs were those orange foam bird legs -- yeah, I was a gullible kid -- in a lot of respects I still am -- I know sarcasm still goes right over my head more regularly than I'd care to admit.

Anyway, Bozo followed Ray. I don't remember Ringmaster Ned too well. He must have left Bozo around the time Garfield Goose was canceled (or maybe my memory is playing tricks on me -- that happens too). I do remember watching Bozo until it was time to leave for school. I'd sympathize with Cookie (Roy Brown) being the butt of Bozo's (Bob Bell) jokes. I remember watching more than one of the comedy skits they did thinking Bozo was being mean to Cookie. I'd wish on occasion one of Cookie's revenge pranks on Bozo would actually have worked rather than always backfiring and Cookie still getting the worst of it.

Well, that's enough of Memory Lane for now. Time for me to get moving.