December 24th, 2005

Tip of the Hat

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'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house
Just Fawn and I stir ...

Ok, I'm off the rhyme scheme of that famous poem already.

Anyway it's update time.

Last week Cousin Jn showed up for a quick visit. It was nice seeing that kid.

Today, well, Mom had another surprise visitor. The lady I used to call the main caregiver was with my folks when I walked in. Given how I mistakenly reported she had died in this journal (because that was what I was told), and she did come close to dying several times this past year, she looked good. Although, she is still a shadow of her former self.

She gave us all presents. Mom got a sweater. XXL in size from her. Now if you had seen my 5 foot no inches Mother, you'd know at a glance XXL wouldn't be her size. It was a bit amusing. I got a Cubs shirt from her and it was only XL -- I haven't tried it on yet, but I think it should fit. I also got a Cubs Cap, and two containers of some instant latte that I like which I used to drink a lot of when she worked for us (I've cut back on that stuff, but I still like it).

While I was at my parent's house, I noticed a tray of homemade candy that I get only once a year. Each year it's been a tradition that Jn's grandmother gives us homemade fudge and heath candy. I am especially fond of that homemade heath candy, although the fudge is heavenly too. Given the age of Jn's grandparents, it's understandable why we are getting less and less of that candy each year. A few years ago when that lady had her knees replaced we didn't get any at all.

You know it's funny the things that become associated with holidays. To me Irish Cream and that homemade heath candy mean the Christmas season. It's unlikely I'll get any Irish Cream this year, and each year I expect Jn's grandmother to be unable to make the candy given how old she is getting.

So anyway, after this week's surprise visitor left, Mom and I decided what we'd do about supper. I told her that for the last few days I was craving a roast beef sandwich from a certain fast food place that's maybe a 10 mile drive out of town. She said that was fine and so we all had roast beef sandwiches (and milkshakes -- my parents insist on milkshakes when we get fast food).

After supper, I tried watching Bozo, Gar, and Ray. I remembered more than I thought I could once I saw some of those old clips of Garfield Goose and Ringmaster Ned. It was a very touching tribute. One thing I had forgotten that brought a smile to my face as I was reminded by the clips was Chelsea (spelling?) the duck on Ray Rayner's show.

In the middle of that tribute show the lady I call the mia caregiver walked in on us to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Well, long story short. I'm back here writing this now.