Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

About a year ago, I signed up with a website dedicated to writers and put some little snippets of my amateurish writing there.

I've been a bit erratic about logging on much less actually using the writing tools this site has. So I haven't bothered to take advantage of the free one month upgrade they offer much less even considered upgrading my account to one of the many paid levels it has.

Today I log on to it and find a message that someone has anonymously paid for a month of upgraded status on that site for me. (That's two paid levels up from the free level I've been using). I wish I could thank them and, if I'd known beforehand, pointed out that I don't even take advantage of the free stuff on the site.

What's most puzzling is I have deliberately acted like a hermit over there. Reviewed very few of other people's writings (nothing at all in the last 6 months or longer) and never used the site's promotional forums to advertise my writings.

Well, maybe when I have a bit more time, I'll explore some of the things I can now use there.
I've been wanting to write a long friends only entry for some time. I just haven't had the energy. Last week was exhausting. For those not on my friends list, my father was in the hospital over the weekend. For everyone else, the update is he's out now, and I can actual sleep in my own bed again instead of the reclining chair in Dad's hospital room.
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