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Ok, take two of this first regular entry where I talk about my day. (My computer froze up when I was typing the first version of this).

I run a business, and 2 and a half weeks ago I ordered something from a new wholesale place that H recommended. Well, I haven't heard back from them since, so I tried calling several times today. Got a busy signal every time. Even my little business has voice mail for Chr*** sake! I have a feeling I won't be giving them any more business.

I took a break from work and read my internet newsgroups in the afternoon. There's a thread in alt.callahans about what started the gender war that got me to write "God created differences" that I put here in my journal a little after I finished it.

Also I worked on the newsletter that I send out to my customers today. I wanted to have it finished and printed out today. I reread one of my articles in it (a mistake). So naturally I had to make some changes to it. I wound up completely rewriting the last half of the thing. Next thing I knew I ran out of time. So I guess finishing that newsletter will get put off for yet another day.

Hmm, I also spent some time making a list of interests for my profile here. I debated putting some of my more personal behind-closed-doors type of interests that I've seen others have on their interest list. I decided against leaving most of them on the list, because they are personal things that I'd rather not have people knowing about from day one. Now day two ... Hmm, I'll have to think about that.
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