Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

It was a crisp, chilly day -- Nice, nonetheless. Walking back to my house, there was the smell of a lighter-fluid enhanced fire burning in someone's fire-pit or open chimney.

Technology has been my bane today. So I'm boiling water in the old whistling kettle tonight rather than using the microwave to make my drink. Earlier today I received a text message on my cellphone. I tried to reply to it. Eight hours later and the status message on what I tried sending still says "Sending in progress." That's the first time I've seen that message. Usually, it shows the animated envelope right when I hit the send button and if I check the status message it lists the date & time I sent it.

In other news, I received a different type of email the other day. It bordered on spam except it was from an internet acquaintance from way back.

As my picture hints, I'm a fan of the actor Bruce Campbell, and I joined a (now long dead) message board dedicated to his series, Jack of All Trades (the picture I use is from the series he had before that one, Brisco County, Jr.). Anyway along with that message board, I told someone who was starting an email list that it would be ok to add me. I still get maybe one bulk emailing a year from him on the topic of Bruce Campbell.

The other day, he sent one to that old email list saying his employer is looking to hire and we should all use him as a reference, along with a big sales pitch for the company he works for. If one of the places he listed as hiring was near me, I'd consider applying. However, given how off topic it is from what he usually sends, I'm almost bothered by this email too.
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