Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

The other day my parents were sure that Whiskers, the last of the older cats, was dying. She hasn't been in a good way for some time now. Mom claims Whiskers is 18 years old. However, I know she's well into her 20's. Anyway, given how hot that house was when I entered, I had a theory and put on my parent's a/c.

After the house cooled down, Whiskers came out from hiding and went back to the chair she is spending all her time upon now. That got my folks to stop talking that she was dying. However, she is in a bad way and I do have a feeling that we'll just have the new kittens before too long. Hmm, given how often Dad accidentally lets them outside, I'm not even sure how long we'll have the new cats (or just as bad, wind up with kittens from the "kittens" now that those two have ... um, come of age shall we say).

In other news, my latest poker winning streak came to an end last night. I played a few minutes this morning. When the table environment change in a way I didn't like I left 40 cents to the good. So I have started a new winning streak now (be it an embryonic one at this stage). I tried to find a table that more suited my liking to continue play just now, however my computer doesn't want to cooperate. I think I'll need to reboot before it'll let me play again. I don't have time to reboot and reload that poker website before heading off to take care of my folks. So maybe later tonight when I get back.

I've been in the wrong mindset to run my mail order business anymore, and need to make a decision about that. I can't give it up, and yet it's costing me money to keep now too. I got a letter saying my business' bank account was overdrawn and I needed to take care of it. So I put a bit of money in it to cover the overage yesterday. What I put in there might last two months before my monthly fees eat the balance up again if I don't start selling.
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