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I just finished the second poker tournament I have ever entered. The… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nite Mirror

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[Jun. 22nd, 2005|01:19 pm]
Nite Mirror
I just finished the second poker tournament I have ever entered. The site I play at has been giving me (along with 2,399 other people) entry into a free tournament each day this week. I didn't know about the tournament monday. Yesterday, well, I didn't come in last, and for never having played in either a tournament nor used the no limit betting structure before it was a learning experience. Today, I was hoping to do better than yesterday.

241st place (out of the 1169 who entered) I think counts as better.

While I claimed my free ticket for tomorrow's tournament, it starts after I'm usually working at my parent's house. I want to play in it, but ... Well, we'll see if I can find a workaround to the problem.


In other news, I got an email from that guy who talked to me earlier this year about my HS 20 year reunion. They've set a date for it in September. I haven't read his email yet, just the subjectline. I'm not sure I want to read the email much less go.


Finally, on the topic of timely customer service (said tongue in cheek), I received another email from a company whom I ordered something from back at the start of May. When I placed my order I was told I could expect it between June 15 and July 1. Now without explanation, they are saying my order has been pushed back another 4 to 6 weeks and now I should expect it July 26 through Aug. 11.

On the plus side, since they're not charging me until it's shipped and the company is based in the UK; the longer they wait the better the deal I'll be getting thanks to the rising US dollar on the international money markets.