Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Last night I logged on to to check the games I'm playing there. Instead of my game status page I got a site status report.

According to that they had a major crash. Both their main database and the backup disk are "unusable." The note said that it would be a few days at least and could take up to two weeks to get back on line.

I may go into withdrawals if the site's down for two weeks (although the way one of my chess games was going, I wouldn't mind if they can't recover that one game).

I suppose I'd be more upset if I had a paid membership instead of the free one I have.

Well, there's still neopets. My two pets there (and their pet pets) are doing well. Plus whenever I get my next computer, I've got to join H in puzzle pirates (or maybe not join her -- just conquer the game on my own ::::::::insert maniacal laughter here:::::) Oh, oh! Can I be on guns when I join, Ironguts? (kidding) ;-)
In other news -- Note to self when the instructions say to add a fourth of a cup of milk, do *not* dump in the whole half pint container just because you don't want to put the open container back in the refrigerator.
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