Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Well, things have been a bit more abnormal than usual around here. I posted about some heating troubles my parents had. Then I got in one of my deleting moods and that post is no longer to be found on LJ. (Short version: My folks had one day and two nights without heat over the weekend, and it changed some Easter plans we had.)

Now tying that with the mention of plumbers before, the heating repair person works for the same company as the plumbers who disappeared on us a few weeks ago. While this guy was fixing the furnace someone upstairs flushed the toilet (I think it just might have been me, but I won't admit it for certain). The floor drain by the furnace backed up while he was working and so *he* contacted his company about getting the plumbers back.

Now they are talking of not only digging up my folks' front lawn (tree roots in the sewer line), but ripping up the cement floor of the basement too (the old tile pipes broken and blocking the line), and Mom already has a bill from them that equals what I charged on my credit card for my business' website, and my parents' bill is just going to get bigger.

On lighter fronts, I've got a redesign plan in my head for my personal website. If I can get the temperamental thing to work, I'll even have a chat 'bot on my website for visitors to play with (and down the road it just might, maybe, hopefully, if el nino doesn't retrograde into la nina, be able to be a sort of interactive FAQ page). Right now it simply says "I don't understand that" to everything I type into it when I'm not getting a shockwave error. When it can hold a better conversation (in several months at the rate I can find time to work on it) I'll put links to it up.

Hmm, what else? I re-listed the baby photo frame on ebay that my business unsuccessfully tried auctioning off the other week.

Oh, and on the qepHom front since the local bookstores don't want to give me the time of day, I think I'll try the local YMCA next. I avoided that before because it is a bit harder to find than the bookstores. They were on major roads. The local Y is on a side street in the middle of a residential neighborhood.
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