Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Ok, time for a break. It's been an eventful day. At lunch I find the plumbers have been and gone from my parents home again. I am starting to get the feeling that the 2nd hand story I'm getting from Mom isn't the whole picture. All I know is the plumbers didn't harm floor or lawn, and they seemed to have left for the day before noon too. I also found out the Dr. appointment that I was supposed to drive Mom to tomorrow has been changed to next week. So I made the adjustment in my schedule too.

Getting back from lunch I find 2 CD's propped up against my back door. Checking the mail, I find a 3rd in the mailbox along with an unusually heavy amount of mail today. So I write a thank you email to my CD donor (a friend who I've known since high school that is now in the radio and singing industries), along with a promise to sell his CD on my business' website. I'll prob. add it to the website's inventory tomorrow during the time that has suddenly become free.

Looking further into the mail I find an order from one of my best customers. Someone who I've learned I have to pay special attention to double checking her math. This time she was a dollar short, but since her order before this one was a $1.06 over it's working out ok. Although I'll send her a note politely pointing out she added wrong again, but her credit covered it and she's now down to a 6 cent credit with me.

Well, it is just about my supper time, and I've said what I wanted to say too. So time to eat.
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