Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm sitting here with a little unexpected time on my hands. I have an appointment later today. I had let Fawn out expecting to leave for it right after she came back inside. Then I check my schedule. The appointment is an hour later than I had remembered. Fawn seems to think we should spend this extra time walking in and out the back door.

Ya see we started a game where I leave the back door only partly shut when she's outside and she's learned that she can push it open to come in on her own. Then I walk back there and shut the door again. On warm days, that works out fairly well. Anyway, now that the weather is getting colder, I'm getting a little quicker in going back there to close the door behind the dog.

Sometimes she starts this game of running back there before me and going out the door before I can get there to close it. Then I'll just leave it only partly shut again, she comes in again (pushing the door wide open), and we keep that cycle up for a time. Fawn thinks it's a fun game. I'll let you guess my opinion of it. Usually the game ends by my standing at the door, ordering her inside (being a good dog she usually comes right in when I tell her to do so), and then I close the door tight.

I have a feeling in a few weeks I'll be putting a complete stop to the game by closing the door tight behind her as she goes out. Temperature wise it isn't too bad to have the door open still (although that is fast changing ... today it's almost too cold to do that).

Speaking of today, I didn't know it was going to rain, and was a bit surprised to notice it's a rainy day. Without the rain, it would be a nice but chilly fall day. With the rain it's almost downright cold outside. It's almost tempting me to wear something a little warmer than the short sleeved tee shirt I've got on. Hmm, while I was about to say it's not flannel shirt weather yet,... actually, with the cold rain my flannel shirt might be nice to wear today. Ah, but I'm not going to change into it.

Yesterday, I did a bit of home repair. One of the wooden railings on my front stairs is falling apart. I tried nailing it back up. Well, I succeeded in doing that. I also tried to put two spindles back into the railing that had fallen out. I got one sorta kinda in there (I expect it to fall back out any day now). Being frustrated at the poor job I did nailing that one in place, and after noticing that even the ones that hadn't fallen out are loose, I got too ...

Well, I know it wasn't the case, but I was imagining the whole neighborhood watching and thinking what a poor job I was doing. How a man my age can't even handle a simple repair like that. So I gave up and went inside. Later, while I know all the spindles that are on that one side are loose to the point that they may drop out at any time, from a distance my shoddy repair didn't look too bad. I should have remembered that from my theatre days. Theatre sets look horrible the closer you get to them, but from out in the audience they provide an adequate illusion of what they are supposed to be.

Ok, it's time for me to head out now.

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