Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

As some of you know I've been in a bit of a strange mood lately. Reading an entry in joyofmacs journal I felt the need to comment on this entry of hers, but when it came down to actually saying something in her journal about it I couldn't.

My flippant reaction was I like the poet mentioned, and wish it was Walt Whitman instead. He's one poet I've never understood.

On a deeper level it brought me back to my college days, and a certain similar incident I had. I knew I couldn't respond to her post without mentioning my incident, but I didn't want to take up space in her journal with a long entry.

Maybe I'm a bit too self-centered shifting this here and taking her topic and turning it into mine. I know I'm more like my father than I'm comfortable admitting and being self-centered is one of the biggest things I hate about him.

Anyway, back in college I was assigned to do a teaching presentation to the class. I picked the topic of mnemonics and was planning on giving the class a crash course in what I believe is the predecessor of the "MegaMemory" system sold today (what little I know of that system is too close to Billy Burden's "Memory Master Method" that I learned back in the 1980's for the two not to have some direct connection).

Anyway the teacher said I could, but she had reservations about my topic and suggested I pick another. I told her I could do a good job with this topic, and she reluctantly let me.

I went up there and presented some simple tricks that are the basis of Mr. Burden's system. This may sound egotistic, but I know I gave a great presentation. Even people who I rarely spoke to came up to me after class and said how much they enjoyed it, and how they would use the memory tricks I presented.

Come grade time, I got a F on it. The teacher's only comment was that she suggested from the start I pick a different topic. *Everyone* I spoke with said I should have protested that grade to the dean of her department, but I just wanted to be done with that teacher, and despite that F I still got a B in her class (it would have been an A if not for that presentation).

I don't know what I am trying to say here. I just know I had to say it. It's amazing. I often tell people, "I forgive easily, but I never forget."
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