Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just tried calling H to see if she was back from her weekend getaway. No luck. Well, I'll try again a bit later.

Yesterday, I cashed out of my regular poker site, and tomorrow I'll cash into a different one. I wrote a bit about that in my poker journal.

It's been almost too quiet here with Fawn and I. So I've been on line a lot this weekend just to have some interaction with others. I was both checking out the new poker site I'm switching to and playing puzzle pirates.

I'm tempted to continue talking about my puzzle pirate adventures, but I think H would be the only one on my friend's list who might actually be interested in the happenings on the Midnight Ocean.

If you'll indulge me, I think I will talk ypp stuff. So the rest of this entry will be about my weekend adventures with the puzzle pirates game. I'll hide it behind a cut to both save room, and in case you'd rather not read it.

Last night, Gunny told me about a whisking trick so I could get to an uninhabited island I've never been to before to fight skellies. I got there eventually and then didn't feel like going against 39 of them with only one other crew mate by my side. I couldn't believe no one else in our flag was on, but no one answered our flag officer calls for others to join the fray. So other than adding that isle to my map, it was a waste of two swigs of my whisking potion to get there.

Today one of my crew mates stabbed me in the eyes for some mildly lewd behavior on my part. But hey, when I'm in a good mood and a female crew member decides to change clothes on deck in front of me I could well make a comment.


Plus my stats were seesawing this weekend too. Sea Battle went up three times, and sailing up, up, down, down, down, up for a grand total of it staying the same. I hated to lose my standing of being a grand master of sailing in the whole ocean when it was at its highest, but I'll get that rating back and better that eventually.

With enough practice I can see myself being one of the best at the sailing puzzle in the game. I got a laugh when I realized I shouldn't have been disappointed at getting a triple in the puzzle (I was going for a quintet and booched the last two). Since a triple is good and I was unhappy with it, that suddenly made me realize how high my standards are getting with that puzzle.
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