Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I have a feeling my local economy is going to be going into the toilet. Being so close to Chicago and all the employees Anderson is about to lay off with that debacle in their Chicago office. (btw, something is fishy there. Notice how all the focus has switched to Anderson and no one is talking about Enron any more? It seems to me the Enron angle was dropped too fast).

And now another factory much closer to me (my Mom retired from there AAMOF) was sold and the new owners have announced layoffs for that factory too. Hmm, time to plan for a down swing in the local economy. Reach out to more out of town business, and see if I can find local supplier to help keep this area's economy up.

Whoa, I knew all that??? I must have learned more than I thought sleeping through the economy courses I took in college. (other then the phrase "someone's ox is going to be gored" -- That was the favorite phrase of the guy who taught me macroeconomics).

On the family front we have a new winner in odd ball decisions. I have a cousin who's quitting his job, moving to Nashville, and going to try becoming a song writer. As far as I know this guy has never sold a song in his life. To top it off he's not exactly a kid either, he's about 5 years older than me. Can you say mid-life crises?
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