Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm sitting here with my morning cobwebs still in my head. Fawn and I visited H this past weekend, and had a wonderful time (just don't talk to H about her making our pirate captain walk the plank -- she's worried she'll be thrown off the crew for that -- although given the extenuating circumstances I'm sure the Capt. will understand, and in the highly unlikely event she doesn't ... well, I could see enough of our crew willing to form a new crew especially if H's main character is part of it).

Um, anyway, as I said we had a wonderful time, and while I haven't checked for the official notification judging by a phone call I had after I was back here last night, one of H's friends used me as a referral to join Paradise Poker.

Kinda funny, I formally joined a poker referral group, but haven't actively promoted it (btw, if you want a good first deposit deal let me know I can recommend several poker sites and give you a code for some great first deposit bonus deals to them -- ok, now I promoted my referral thingie).

Well, getting back on topic, Paradise isn't part of that referral group, and I haven't formally joined Paradise's referral service yet (though I have thought about it and read over the legalities attached to joining). I already have someone using me as a referral to join Paradise Poker.

I have more to write, but the download I was waiting for finished so I'll end this for now, and I've got to create an account for a deposit bonus of my own before the deal expires at midnight tonight (100% of what I'm depositing plus a free entry into the site's main poker tournament).
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