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As I said, I spent the weekend with H. I'm finding two things… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nite Mirror

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[Nov. 22nd, 2005|12:26 pm]
Nite Mirror
As I said, I spent the weekend with H. I'm finding two things amazing. How much it hurts to be apart from someone, and how just thinking of a person can cause physical reactions in a person -- well, actually, I guess I knew both of those things first hand for a long time now. Just experiencing them again lately.


um, moving on, the missing money showed up and is now where I wanted to put it this morning.

Hmm, I just realized. With the referral bonus I got yesterday from H's friend joining Paradise, and the first deposit bonus I got from the newest poker site I joined, I'm going to have to play on two poker sites to get the points needed to release the money from both bonuses. Well, that's not really that big of a deal. An hour or two on each site per day should get me the points I need in no time.

I was looking over my schedule for this week. I have two different dates for my next dentist appointment. I thought it was this afternoon (as one record shows), but there is another note that has it on this Friday instead. I just tried calling the dentist to ask which it was, I got a recording. They must be out to lunch. I think I'll try again because I don't want to go there and find out it wasn't today after all.