Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I am dead on my ... um, I was going to say feet, but I'm not standing up. Anyway I have to post this. I just finished the pillage that I never thought would end. H was on before me and she couldn't remember how long it was going when I replaced her on sails. Now I can't remember when that was I'm so tired.

And the Captain was there the whole time. I can't see how she could do it. She wanted to keep going, only the fact the entire crew on the ship told her we were all falling asleep on her made her put to port and finally divide the booty.

On the bright side, and I didn't so much as get a "woot!" when I told the ship in general, during this voyage my sailing ranking became legendary in the whole ocean during this pillage. That surprised the heck out of me. I thought I was months away from hitting legendary status. After that I spent the rest of the voyage in fear that I'd drop back down if I didn't get consistent excellent or Incredible on my duty reports.

Another thing that surprised me was the Captain mentioned that H is in line for the throne of the flag, and when Kat steps down H will have the flag. I'm going to be a consort to a monarch in this game????

Ah, I'm falling asleep with my eyes open (I think I may literally be typing in my sleep right now. I'm honestly not sure I'm awake at the moment). Night all.
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