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[Jan. 1st, 2006|03:05 am]
Nite Mirror
Happy New Year.

I'm tired, but I want to put an entry here. Actually, I started this earlier tonight while playing some poker. Then I noticed an instant message from H wishing me a happy new year and inviting me to play some pirates.

I quit both the poker and writing this to go play pirates with her. I was hoping to actually be able to be with her tonight rather than just playing on line. 'Twas not to be however.

Speaking of poker, I got a little direct evidence that the semi-wild style I'm developing is actually working. Most of the time I play a conservative, tight/aggressive game. But once in a while I'll play a few hands like a fool and deliberately lose to encourage those I'm playing against to underestimate me. Well with poker being at least 40% luck, occasionally those bonehead plays actually win me a pot despite my trying to lose.

Tonight, I was playing against someone who I didn't remember. That person remembered me though. He said he was playing on tilt because the other day I won against him with a "two outer hand" (basically poker jargon that boils down to the fact I got *very* lucky against him on a bonehead play).

Well, he and I were the only two who went to the river a few hands after the guy made that comment. On the turn, I asked him if he thought the hand I was holding had two outs again (actually I did have only two outs that hand, and was trying to get him to fold -- although he didn't, he bet on the river and I was the one who folded then). He left the table after that hand with a wish that I go broke for some strange reason.

I hadn't realized my wild play could put a person on tilt days later. lol

TV alert

I was about to say earlier tonight, but I guess it was last year now. So anyway, the other year I was watching poker on the Travel channel. During that they had a promo for a show I don't normally watch, Taste of America. This coming Tuesday (8 eastern/7 central) that show is profiling an annual Pierogi Festival.

For some strange reason, I think I *need* to watch that.


Finally, one of the things my Mom recently uncovered was an old picture of my grandparents (circa the 1940's or 1950's I'd guess). She had several copies of it made.

Today she gave me one of those copies. It is a very good picture apparently taken as my Grandfather was going off to work (he's holding a bag lunch in one hand as a clue to that) with my grandmother pressed close to him in our back yard.

[User Picture]From: joyoflj
2006-01-01 03:13 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year!
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