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[Jan. 12th, 2006|01:20 am]
Nite Mirror
I'm drinking whole milk for the first time in years. When I went to buy 2% milk, there wasn't any on the shelf at the store and I'd rather not drink skim or 1%. So I grabbed a bottle of the whole stuff, and I've been using that.

I'm also fighting a headache right now. I'd rather not go into details, but a box of light bulbs fell on my head earlier tonight (bounced off my head and didn't break until they hit the floor surprisingly). While I don't even have a bump on my head from it, my head hurts right at where I was hit and I'm sure my headache is a result of it too. I do have a few hard hats tucked away in my house (it's amazing some of the stuff I've got in different hiding places). Maybe I should start wearing it around my parents house.

Moving on, there was a kinda important meeting in my pirate game that I would have much rather attended than getting hit in the head. However, I foolishly had the latter happen to me instead. Well, almost as soon as I got back here I logged onto the game and read the summery of it from the crew issues page, and asked, but got almost no additional info from the few who were on in my crew.

Although, I did have fun pillaging a little with two other crew mates. The only problem was that for some reason the sound went out on my computer and that threw me off on working my puzzles. I would like to think I have the potential to be one of the best at the sailing puzzle in the whole ocean (I do expect to be on the top 100 list eventually). Well, you couldn't tell that by what I did today. So as soon as that brief pillage was over I logged off and rebooted my computer to get my sound back.

Of course because I was hitting the volume up button to try getting my sound back when it was out, I was blasted almost out of my chair when the sound started working again.

Ah, it's late and with my head hurting, I prob. should get some sleep. Night, all.