Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

H visited Fawn and myself for the last several days. She and Sonny (<--the dog Fawn needed to get away from by moving in with me) left yesterday. Being with H was the high point of the weekend holiday.

I'm not going to write the novel of everything that happened. I'll just say a broken bed, getting to ride in an ambulance both to and from my favorite hospital's emergency room, and a fair amount of cleaning all took place.

Right now I'm playing poker again for the first time since Saturday (actually this is the first time I've been online since then too). I crunched some numbers. I'm going to need to do a bit more playing than I was doing to get a bonus I'm due. Although, it's still within a well achievable range of play. My old player point goal was 25 points per day. Now I need to get 38 per day to get the bonus before it expires on the 26 (with a slight safety buffer included in those 38 points as I always figure in)

In another half hour or so I'll take a break from poker, and see first hand how my embattled pirate flag is doing.
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