Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm tired, but I think I'll do an update here. Actually, the things on my mind prob. should go more in my other specialized journals, but ah, this one is my default, generalized one and I don't really feel like typing a couple different entries right now.

I doubt I'll update my tlhIngan Hol journal anytime soon, but I've been thinking about getting back to it -- chaq ::::shrugging:::::

On the poker side of things, well, I haven't been happy with how I've been doing there lately, and spent about an hour this afternoon looking up a specific poker website that I used to use a lot when I first started. There are a bunch of great poker websites out there offering playing tips, but I like to be loyal to the one's I took to the dance, so to speak.

On the pirate game front, well, now that the dust is starting to settle in the flag shake up we had. There's a new captain of my crew, the flag has more crews under its banner than it ever has had (with a few other crews hinting they might be willing to come under our banner in the near future), and there an open spot in the flag royalty from my crew.

Apparently, I'm one of the ones on the list for being made a royal too. I've only heard of one other person who is up for it, the character who in real life is the wife of the new captain in my crew. The new captain is worried about people yelling nepotism if his wife becomes a royal. Um, if that's the case, then since my real life girlfriend is queen of the flag I could see a similar argument applied to me too.

I don't know of any others on that list. Hmm, although thinking over my other crew mates who would be eligible --- actually looking over the crew roster, only 3 people strike me as being candidates for that open royalty spot and I *am* one of those three.

I'm only a fleet officer in the crew. I'd say a royal should prob. be picked from the senior officers of a crew (and in that respect the Cap's wife is the only SO in the crew who isn't already royalty). The other two, the person who keeps the crew's map repository and myself, are just fleet officers.

Strange. We went from a flag with just one large crew of 60+ members before our troubles, to a flag that now has four small crews (the total of all four of those crews only give the flag 50 members). What's even stranger is I think both the crew I'm in, and my flag is healthier now than before.

Well, my puppy dog wants some attention, and it's getting cold in here.

So I'm going to kick the furnace and then play with my dog for a bit before bed.

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