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[Feb. 11th, 2006|08:25 pm]
Nite Mirror
As of the time this entry was posted there is less than 3 days and 17 hours until the Cubs pitchers and catchers need to report to spring training camp!

[User Picture]From: susandennis
2006-02-12 04:46 am (UTC)
This feels like it has been the longest winter of my entire life. Our Spring training game broadcasts start in exactly 17 days.
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[User Picture]From: nitemirror
2006-02-12 08:45 pm (UTC)
March 2nd - Cubs against the Giants is their first spring training game. :-)

And I know what you mean.

With my father's confusions, he's been averaging asking once a week or more over the entire winter for us to put a Cubs game on the TV for him. That made it seem very long. Well, he'll get an early birthday present of being able to watch a ballgame (his birthday is March 3).
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