Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Warning -- Tired ramblings ahead. Proceed with caution.

I just finished playing some poker. Hmm, more than I would have admitted. I played some in my pirate game before moving to playing with real money. In the pirate game I won 1,700 poe (the game money) in a 20/40 poe limit game.

I had a crewmate ... Hmm, actually he's the new captain, say he won 20,000 poe tonight in a no limit game. Then again he also said he lost 50,000 poe (a sum my character has never had at one time since I started playing the pirate game -- although I've approached it a time or two before buying an expensive sword, or other stuff -- and I plan on blowing most of the 20,000 poe I have right now tomorrow on a portrait for my character's cottage).

Anyway, in real money I only won a few bucks tonight, and was also reminded of something I knew but needed to be reminded of. I'm better at shorthand games when there are 5 or fewer players at the table. The few bucks I won tonight (as well as making up a $5 loss) came after half the longhand table left leaving me in a short hand game that I quickly cleaned up at within a few minutes (and chased away the few people left too, I think).

Anyway everyone left after I started my winning streak I can't say if it was my suddenly changing to a loose aggressive style from the tight passive one I had been using in the longhand game or what, but everyone did leave the table. Funny while at the higher limits (which my bank roll isn't up for right now) aggressive betting is standard for shorthand tables. At the lower limits, it gives you a few quick wins and then seems to chase everyone off.

But poker wasn't why I sat down to write here. I just wanted a simple "on this day in 2006" type post. Ah, I don't think I have the energy to write it right now. Plus it basically was going to talk about my dog knowing my daily schedule as well as me, and how she kept me on track today. Plus missing an event in the pirate game that I wanted ... actually two events if you include my missing something in the game yesterday that I wanted to join in on. Ah, from what I hear the event yesterday would have been made more complicated if I had shown up (a card game actually) and they had their four people and my trying to join would have forced someone else to sit out.

Today, well, an allied flag was under a blockade from another flag to try and take their island. From what I hear the flag I would have helped mounted a more than adequate defense and the attacking flag didn't have a prayer of taking that island. So while I would have liked to have joined in on the fun; again I wasn't needed.

I was thinking of going into greater details on all of the above, but I am *tired* and it is hours later than I had planned on staying up as it is.
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