Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Given how my schedule has been turned on its head and I never know when or how much free time I'll have lately on a whim I bought myself a little electronic Sudoku game to help me fill odd moments.

Now I've known about the Sudoku puzzle for a long time, but until I bought this little toy I had never worked one before. Well, I'm hooked now. I don't think a day has gone by since I bought that toy which I haven't used it to generate and play at least one puzzle and usually several.

The toy times how long it takes to complete the puzzle. At the beginner level it takes me around 10 minutes to finish, and 10 minute diversions are about right for me when I take a break.

In other news, some time ago I heard about the Loeb collection of classical books and how the newest translations of those books are now including vulgarities that in the older versions were either omitted, deliberately mistranslated to avoid foul language, or switched the translation from English to Italian for mentioning certain things considered taboo by earlier translators.

I think I'd like to have the most recent translations of the writings of the ancient Roman satirist Juvenal and see what a more liberal translation of him would be like.

Speaking of "liking to have," I've been thinking about absinthe some lately again. Here in the United States it's next to impossible to get that type of liquor since it's illegal to sell it; it is subject to confiscation by our customs service if shipped from other countries; and besides, the shipping of any type of alcohol using our mail system is illegal too in any case.

However, while just about all the methods of getting it are illegal, actually possessing bottles of the stuff isn't illegal. I may have figured out how I could wind up possessing a bottle or two. While I'm not sure I'll do it because my resources are needed elsewhere, when my income becomes a bit more stable I may come to discover a bottle of it in my possession. Given what I said above about the legalities of all this, I don't think I'll say anymore.

In other news, Fawn and my parents' cats have been spending a lot of time together. I've watched them interacting, and have come to the conclusion that Fawn thinks the cats are just another breed of dog and gets very confused when they don't act like another dog would with her.

Well, I spent *way* too much time writing this. Time for me to finish my night shift of caregiving for my parents then get what little sleep I can before having to be back here later this afternoon.
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