Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

The other night I heard an interview with Kim Carnes. Remember her Bette Davis Eyes? She's got a new album out. From the clips I heard over the radio she's still got that same smoky voice from all those years ago.

If I have my facts straight, she'll be on WGN again tonight on Steve and Johnie's late night show. Unfortunately, they'll also be talking baseball with one of WGN's sports commentators. I will reluctantly say that the Cubs could well be the worst team in professional baseball right now (I won't even say that other Chicago baseball team could also possible be the best).
In other news, who in the world would want to smell like Play-Doh?

As one of the two people who advertised that website said, I remember what play-doh smells like and I wouldn't want to date it. I'd agree.
Quote of the year so far: "The yellow policemen took me shopping today."
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