Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Well, I've got firefox up and running as my main browser now. About the only thing I'm unhappy with is when I imported the bookmarks I have from ie, instead of keeping them in the same order it alphabetized them.

Given the sheer number of bookmarks and the fact that in ie I have them sorted in a way that, while I can't easily explain to others, allowed me to find the ones I wanted in short order. Sorted alphabetically, ... well that just isn't working for me, and it's going to take me a *long* time to get things back into a chaotic organization that will work for me given the number of bookmarks I have (update: it wasn't as bad as I thought, but it was still a pain to sort them out).

In other news, after a follow up visit to my dentist so he could check up on what the specialist he sent me to did for my root canal, I no longer have any money. The dentist took it all (and wants the $14 I was short and still owe him). For the time I'm living on corn meal. I ran out of tomato sauce and my cheese went moldy and had to be pitched, so I won't call what I'm making for my meals polenta right now.

I set aside enough to pay my monthly bills with a small safety cushion. I prob. won't touch it, but I am thinking of nibbling away at that safety cousion to do some shopping.

In news other than the other news (hmm, yeah, I'll go with that phrase for my intro into my second "other news" item here), I actually got around to trimming Fawn's nails today. Given the struggles she and I have had over getting them cut in the past, it was comparatively easy today. On top of that instead of sulking and hiding in her crate afterward as she has, she followed me around looking to be reassured after I trimmed her nails today.

I'm not sure which I'd prefer. My dog upset with me, sulking, and avoiding me, or under foot and constantly nudging me asking if everything is ok. She finally started to relax again and is taking a (non-sulking) nap in her crate right now.

In the final "news" of the day, I'll just put a note to self. I must find my fly swatter. The last time Fawn came inside, a fly joined her and is now flying around the room bugging me. I haven't seen the swatter since last summer, and am not sure where I put it.

update: Fawn's nap is over and she's back to needing attention while I'm trying to post this, but now it's more her normal "you're spending too much time in front of that computer thing, play with me instead" bit rather than her really needing attention as she did after her nail trim this morning.
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