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I'm typing this at around midnight, July 31 going into Aug. 1.… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 1st, 2006|07:49 am]
Nite Mirror
I'm typing this at around midnight, July 31 going into Aug. 1. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will have internet access again and post this. Earlier, in my head, I was writing both what is to become this entry stating the events of the weekend and another one that I'm not sure if I'll write or not.

H came in for Pierogi Fest this weekend. As always, it was wonderful being with her.

She wanted to meet a bunch of Puzzle Pirate people who would be in the area. One was someone visiting from England. Well, the MIA caregiver covered for me. So H and I spent most of Saturday those game pirate people. I didn't know any of them and they didn't know me.

H introduced me as a "low level player" when we walked in the door and everyone was giving me questioning looks and wondering why they didn't recognize my game name. Considering some of the players I met, it was a fair enough description even if I didn't care for being called a low level player.

Among the people there was one OM (Ocean Master, an employee of the game paid to fix/deal with players' problems and do the PR thing basically). OM's are named after mythological gods when they act within the puzzle pirate game. The lady I met uses the name Nemesis when she's doing her Ocean Master duties.

Anyway, I certainly knew of several of the people there even if I hadn't met them before, or interacted with them in the game.

A good time was had by all I think. There was one incident that surprised me. A few of us were just sitting around talking and suddenly one person was venting about her military days and experiences. She was shaped by what she went through, as we all are by what life throws at us. We let her roll with things she obviously needed to let out and say about her tour of duty, the way she was treated when she got back to the States, and her reactions to it all.

Not something I expected to encounter when visiting a bunch of people with a game as our common glue. However, the more I study this social beast that is our race, the more I realize that our commonalities are just excuses to socialize. The surface reason a group gets together is rarely the real reason.

Moving on, I have my laptop back. The bug that H had fixed is fixed. And a few others have cropped up. One of my two USB ports no longer works and I can't turn the tapping feature on the trackpad off.

I think I can live with only one USB port (if not, can you say USB hub?).

The tapping issue with the trackpad is a bit more annoying and stranger too. I used H's (identical) laptop and went through the control panels right to the spot where I could turn off the tapping. When I went through the same steps on my laptop, the tab on the control panel that I needed to use was missing -- meaning I couldn't get to where I needed to go to turn off the tapping feature.

Considering my right palm is brushing the tap pad while I type and moving the curser to wherever the pointer is at, I *need* to get that trackpad tapping feature turned off!

H suggested I use the restore disk that came with my computer. I'm just afraid of making things worse if I do, but I need to do something to fix the trackpad. I don't know.

Other than that, it's just a matter of recustomizing this computer again; Something else I had a moment of discomfort over, but, heck, it's no big deal. While I'm not as good with computers as I once was, I have been playing with them for maybe 20 years now.

lol -- sometimes I almost miss that old trash 80 (model 4, of course) that was my first computer back in the late 70's.

So tomorrow, I get to go find some internet access to get internet access (kinda a funny catch 22 I have at the moment). On the plus side I did find a place that offers cheap wireless access not too far away (still farther than I'd like) that I'll use to do that -- spending $3 for 2 hours of wireless access to do it.

So anyway, when H left this morning, I wanted to see her off. I spent all Sunday night/Monday morning doing my caregiving duties with my parents and was tired. So in the morning, I laid down intending to get back up, throw something on, and see her off.

Next thing I know she's waking me up saying she needed to get going and was saying goodbye. She left before I had my wits together. Not the way I wanted to see her off. Then again, I never like it when we have to leave each other. Ah, one day ...