Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm sitting here playing some poker and listening to some CD's. The song playing right now is Planet X by Christine Lavin about Pluto and it's questionable status. She'll have to update the song now. In her liner notes she says she would if Pluto got demoted as it did recently.

I've made several attempts to put an entry here for some time, and well, nothing made the cut. So this is my latest go.

The other day I remembered an opinion article I read in a local paper years ago. Bob Greene was the author if I remember correctly. It was about the death of the last of his grandparents and how suddenly he was without any grandparents. How after we reach a certain age, it is just assumed that a person's grandparents are dead, and he went on with memories of his grandparents.After all these years and I still remember that article.

While I have Mom, as of 3 weeks ago I am now without the people directly responsible for my birth as Dad has just passed away and Mama died over 39 years ago, shortly after I was born.

I had the thought that, as Mr. Greene said about his grandparents, it applies to parents too. The vast majority of people outlive their parents and after a certain age it comes to be assumed one's parents have passed away.

Ah, I don't know where I'm going with this, and I've got relatives to meet and deal with today that I'm not looking forward to doing. So I'll end this here.

update: I played 2 online sit and go poker tournaments while writing this as I hinted at in the very start of this entry. The first one I came in dead last (10th out of 10 -- ace high flush lost to a full house caught on the river) the second one dead first (1st out of 10). I think I'll quit playing for now with those bookends of the two extremes and a bit ahead money wise.
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