Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

"No phone, no pool, but pets. Ah, I an't got no cigarettes, but two hours of ..."

Ok, I wasn't talking to the phone company's recording for two hours. It just seemed like forty hours when I called to report my home phone wasn't working.

Now since I have a dial up internet connection I really loved the part several minutes into my ... is it a monologue when you're talking with machines? It certainly wasn't a conversation. ... anyway, the part where the recording told me to make the report over the internet and hang up my phone was especially memorable. Um, no phone equals no internet for me.

I could have been done in less than a minute with a person "Hello, my home phone has no dial tone, Fix it!" OK, I'd give them a bit more detail than that, but it still wouldn't have taken the time it did and me pressing my home phone number into the keypad 3 different times when I was transferred from machine to machine to machine.

"You used to have service from SBC before At&t took over again? One moment while I transfer you to the machine that annoys the old SBC customers, I'm the one that annoys the old At&t customers." Then SBC's machine, "Oh, you need your phone repaired? One moment while I transfer you to the repair computer's answering system and lets see if that machine can get you to hang up and go away."

I never talked to a human, but the last machine finally promised me that my phone would be fixed by 8pm Thursday. They did better than that deadline as I woke up Thursday morning to my phone working again.


Just because I doubt he's reading this, I'm going to blame poker great Johnny Chan for my phone troubles. His website was the last thing I visited before my phone troubles started.

Now I do think he's a poker great. Although, his website ... um, not so great. There are only two things there; a link to an article about how well a student of his did in this year's World Series of Poker (um, won the whole thing actually), and an entry form (that btw also puts you on his mailing list as you enter -- no opt out button to click) to a contest (winner gets flown to LA and spends two hours talking poker with Johnny Chan himself).


Finally, in the meaningless but I still want to brag about it category, the other day I was playing poker in my pirate game (and as background info for those not familiar with the game, they rate just about every skill/puzzle you do in the game) and I earned legendary status as my poker rating in the game.

Even my much bragged about sails skill isn't legendary at the moment (has been at times, but right now it's only grand-master). H told me she's gone past legendary and hit the ultimate rating in sails. I've made it no secret that I'm out to better her at the sails puzzle. Her hitting the ultimate sails means I can only tie her now (and I'm ok with tying her, ... yeah, I'd be happy to tie her).

Ult. is just the other side of legendary. I made legendary at sails more than once. I will get it again, and then better it to an ult. rating of my own eventually.
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