Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I said in a past entry that I had a sort of vampire story bubbling in my head. A problem I've had with my writing is ... well, ... me.

I grew up on science fiction and fantasy books. To me that is what a good story should be. I want to write those kinds of books. However, my head needs a hook. Something that will pull me into the story. With only a few exceptions, books in general aren't doing that for me anymore.

The future science in fiction just refuses to be invented in my head for sci-fi, and the magic has faded out of fantasy. It's all what one can relate to, I guess. With the path I've been traveling, there is very little I relate to anymore.

Anyway, I have been reading one of the few authors that can still suck me into her stories. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. In the past I've either gotten sucked into stories, or mentally reviewed and critiqued books noting the tricks that an author used. I really couldn't do both at the same time.

With this current book, I'm doing exactly that. I'm hooked on the story, but a part of my mind is noting what is hooking me while most of me is right there in the scenes woven.

Anyway, I think I've got my hook for my vampire story to get me to suspend my lack of supernatural belief in my own story. I just need to do some of my written thinking if you'll indulge:

The standard hook for vampires; hunger, emptiness that cannot be filled, longing for life, desire with only momentary, transitive fulfillment.

It was only later that the seduction aspect was added onto vampires. We all have our ways of flirting with what we desire and trying to seduce it into our charms. So much more pleasure comes of a conquest willingly offered by a successful seduction rather than dragged unwilling.

"There are needs of the body that can be mistaken for sex, or lead to sex, but it isn't sex that they are about." - Laurell K. Hamilton

Needs and desires - there is the attraction. There is all stories. Stories of quests, of coming of age, of conquering the villain to satisfy the need for peace. Whether the characters in the stories know or recognize those needs or desires ... hmm, ...

ok, I think I got to where I needed to go with this (pun not intended).
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