Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Well, I got my second bite from Monster. Two messages were left on my voice mail. "Tom" and "Randall" (something tells me that wasn't their real names) who almost word for identical word invited me to a job fair. I was having a little trouble understanding Tom's accent (Indian or Pakistani -- I'm not sure which), Randall had the same accent, but he enunciated better and what I couldn't understand from the message Tom left I got from the message Randall left.

Basically there's a job fair next week, and if I'm interested I should visit a specific website for more info.

So the plan for today is -- see if I can get this (relatively) new windows laptop to talk with my old apple printer and get a legal form which I downloaded from the state's website printed and filled out. Apparently, when I gave up my business I was supposed to file a state form. Since I didn't, I'm getting some scary letters from the state, but talking to a someone about it, I was told that filling out this form will make that all go away without my needing to pay the unpayable fee the scary letters say I owe the state.

I'll also visit that website about the job fair and see what that's about. Then I've got a search to do on how to test if the glaze on coffee cups are microwave safe. Oh, yeah, and I want to see if I can't find my "El Senior's Chili" recipe. Between Mom having me make a simple chili recipe for our supper yesterday, and jenny_evergreen printing her father's recipe last week, I want to find the one I claim as mine, El Senior's Chili. I think I put it in this journal a year or two back (I'm hoping anyway -- after that it's try to boot up my old apple laptop and see if I can find it there on that trashed hard drive).


update: I found my chili recipe here (ok, so it was about 5 years back):

Although it doesn't have the name El Senior's Chili and the story behind that name. Short version, this was originally my high school Spanish teacher's chili recipe that he was so proud of he gave it to all his students each year. Apparently he won a chili contest with it who knows how many decades ago now.

As for the job fair website, well, it's at a major Chicago location (I don't like driving into that city much) and on top of that the list of employers registered as looking for people is empty too.

Oh, might as well give the microwave search results too. One cup of water in a cup you know is microwave safe along with the questionable one empty. Microwave for a minute. If the one in question gets hot, it's not microwave safe.
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