Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Mute, poker, & job hunt

Now that I'm well into the book Mute I know what the teenage me saw in it. It isn't the great book I remember. Why I liked it then and am enjoying it now is that the themes hidden within the story would have strongly resonated with me as a teen and still have a pull on me.

Knowing a bit more about wordsmithing now, I can see why I like the book. However, a resonating theme, while compelling me to continue to read, on it's own doesn't make a great book to me anymore.


Well, the US federal government basically outlawed Internet poker this past week. This whole issue has made me reconsider my avoiding politics at all costs mentality. With how popular poker is in the US at the moment, I just don't see the logic of the politicians outlawing Internet poker.

I've always like the policy of voting out the incumbent no matter their party. I do think the power of political offices tends to corrupt the vast majority of politicians no matter how good intentioned they were starting out, and right now I'd like a whole new federal government please.


With the encouraging of a family friend, I applied for a job at the local Gyro sandwich shop. I don't think the interview went that well. The owner kept focusing on my lack of work experience. Ah, as I said before, even I wouldn't hire me, so ... bah.

ok, I'm up later than I should be.
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