Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

:::::pops the cork on his long delayed whine and sniffs the rancor liquid:::::::

I know I should be working full time at getting a job, but for what? 8 hours a day of rejections just to prove you're worth exactly what you're not making right now? That kinda pay isn't worth that kinda rejection, especially when I turn around to help my elderly mother and get another several hours of guilt added to the mix daily.

:::::puts the bitter cork back on the dark bottle and washes the blue whine glass::::::

Ah, so what's new?

Oh, the Cubs have a new manager, the one the media was saying was the Cubs first choice all along. I would have liked to have seen Girardi get the gig since I remember him from when he was a catcher for the Cubs some years ago. Although, experience will out and Pinneilla has the experience.

hmm, time to change the topic again I think.

Oh, I made a pretty good chocolate cake the other day if I say so myself. Mom had me download Portillo's (a famous Chicago restaurant chain) recipe and make it for her knitting group. Actually it's rather simple. The short version, you substitute mayonnaise for oil in a brand name box cake.

The funny thing was her knitting group didn't get any. They were meeting at Mom's house and apparently one of the members told Mom to put the cats away because she didn't like them. Another chimed in saying that was rude, and told the first she should claim she's allergic instead. I wasn't there so I can't say how accurate that is. All I know is whatever happened, it annoyed Mom enough that she kept her mouth shut about the cake she had me make for them.

Ok, time to do some busy work and then go fill out another job application for all the good that'll do.
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