Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm Baaack ...

When I posted that last message saying I needed some time, I set two conditions to post here again. To my shame, the lesser one of simply waiting a month came to pass rather than the greater one that I should have accomplished by now.

Well, there are few notable things that occurred. I've been doing a lot of cleaning, and bumping into ghosts of the past as I uncover memories during that cleaning which has also got me much more introspective and melancholy than I'd like. It would be easier if someone was here. I now think I know why Dad liked "help" that simply sat in the room with him while he worked on his projects. I never really understood that while he was alive.

I'm tempted to go down a path that would require me to admit a failing of mine that I'm not ready to admit out loud. -- And, yes, I know another failing of mine is not liking to admit my own faults and weaknesses.


So let's move on to my reading choices over this last month. I finished Mute. I'm not sure if I finished it before or after my self-imposed month's exile from here. It's an ok sf book, but not as good as I remembered from reading it as a teen. Since then I've been going the philosophical route. I've been rereading Illusions by Bach. That's more simplistic of writing then I remembered and just as important a reminder of the illusionary nature of this life as I did remember. I've also recently started reading Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra.

I believe in the 5 years I've been posting on lj (while I was away I noticed this past Wednesday was the fifth anniversary of my first post here. Anyway, ...) I've mentioned Nietzsche a time or two. However, I will confess that while I like the "cliff notes" version of his thoughts which I've picked up from other sources, I've never actually read any of his works from beginning to end. We'll see if I get through Zarathustra -- right now I just finished the second chapter where he concluded with his famous statement that God is dead.

Ah, the timer I set to tell me it's time to get back to things with higher priorities went off some time ago. There was a bit more I wanted to touch on here, but if I am to accomplish anything in this life I need to learn to deal with time, manage priorities better, and be less hedonistic with using current, momentary pleasures such as writing this to avoid less desirable tasks that need to be done.
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