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Letter Meme

jenny_evergreen posted a Letter meme. Where she got the letter G and had to list ten words starting with that letter and say why she pick them. Then anyone who replied to that post was given a letter of their own.

I got P.

1) Peanuts - I had two dogs as a kid. Peanuts was the name of one of them. She was the meanest dog I ever owned. I can't honestly say she was my favorite dog, but I did care for her and still think of her from time to time even though she's been gone for decades.

2) Phi Kappa Theta - I'm not much of a joiner. However I did join that fraternity in college. And my fondest college memories revolve around PKT in one way or another.

3) Philippa Uwins – She’s a scientist who is heading research on these things called nanobes. She believes they are the smallest form of life, however given that nanobes are too small to contain all the physical elements most people believe are needed for something to be alive her research is highly controversial. No matter what nanobes are, I find them rather interesting and try to follow what’s going on with them from time to time.

3) Pink Boot Pillage – In my pirate game, there is something specific to my pirate crew. If ye haven’t pbp’ed ye haven’t pillage the midnight ocean! ;)

4) Poker – Some of you may have been surprised I didn’t list this one sooner. I’ve talked about my poker playing enough, and in the pirate game for a day I was rated the 8th best player in the entire ocean.

5) Paul Harvey – Good Day! Ok, I’m stretching a little here. Although I do like listening to his “The Rest of the Story” segments on the radio, and tying it in to another thing I listed one of my Phi Kappa Theta fraternity brothers thought he could do a good Paul Harvey impression.

6) Power – This is one I’m surprised I didn’t think of sooner. I’m not exactly sure what or how much I should say about this one. Ah, a few of you on my friends list prob. know (or think you know) why I put it here. At least one of you could prob. give me more than one reason it’s listed.

7) Pictures – I almost cheated and listed puddle pictures and pictures as two separate items. I thought it was just my weirdness that liked looking at the reflection of trees in puddles after a rain. Then I discovered it’s a whole photographic theme, and at least one person on my friends list enjoys taking puddle pictures. As for pictures in general, with all the cleaning I’ve been doing I’ve been coming across some old family pictures.

8) Pets – Penny, Peanuts, Misty, and Fawn; The dogs who have been (or with Fawn still are) part of my life. Charlie; the one bird I took care of. Bonny and Clyde; two pets I don’t like talking about and were a dark point in my pet history. Gabby, Boots, Whiskers, Blackie, Slippers, Carol, and Tisha, - The cats who have been (or with Carol and Tisha still are) part of my life.

9) Prometheus – The Greek god who gave us fire; An Ocean Master in my puzzle pirate game; and a magazine I subscribed to for a short time.

10) Puzzle Pirates – I’ve talked about this online game I play a time or two I believe.


I almost added procrastinate, but I figured I’d wait a bit before adding that.
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