Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I hadn't realized how long it's been since my last entry here. Real life kinda got in the way. Between a mix blessing of an over abundance of visiting relatives, pets not getting along, and the normal everyday trials and tribulation of my life that don't stop for those other events; the last week or so went by before I realized it.

So I just realized I have been long overdue to reply to a couple comments this journal received. That will be corrected shortly after this entry is posted.

In more mundane topics, the big snow storm of the year which I was expecting to hit me today went just slightly north of me. I don't have to travel far to see over a foot of snow on the ground, but here I only got a dusting – heavy dusting of snow, but still only a dusting of snow nonetheless.

Finally, while I didn't read the newspaper article that sparked Tamron Hall's anger (she is a news anchor person for the local Fox TV channel), … um, my uneducated take on this issue is that if you make your living in front of a TV camera and get breast implants you don't have a right to expect it not to be commented on (either positively or negatively) by other media sources. (Hey, the letch in me couldn't pass up mentioning a local news story about female breasts even if I don't know the whole story). ;-)

Ok, I know I said the last one was the final comment, but … ah, one more quick one. The berry weiss bier (no typos, that's how the label is printed) I've been drinking while typing this has hit me harder than a single bottle of beer should (then again the several glasses of Baileys Irish Cream I had about an hour ago may have contributed too, but I didn't feel it then).
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