Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I've been thinking about this journal. The entries I like the best in it were made before I had anyone list me on their friends list. Before I go on I do want to say that everyone I added to my friends list I wouldn't want removed. Likewise, I wouldn't want them to remove me from theirs.

I am simply making an observation that I feel I'm at my best when I don't think anyone is looking. When I know that in a vague potential way someone could be reading, but only half believe that someone is actually reading these words.

I have given the advice that these journals are for our use and not to worry about what people think. That advice isn't easy to follow. The observer changes what is observed.

Reality is in one sense what we make it. Objective "reality" doesn't exist. How can it? Without an awareness to perceive it, it is as good as nonexistent. With an awareness, the experience is colored by the observer's perceptions and feelings.

So I have shaped, and been shaped by everyone here. I was affected when I noticed that some time ago I was taken off someone's friends list. Then again when someone else added my journal to their friends list I rethought what was appropriate for here.

Why has the song "You're So Vain" just jumped into my head? I wonder if I should throw out the teasing line "I bet you think this entry is about you. Don't you?"

As always, this contemplative entry didn't head where I was originally planing on going with it, but as is also usually the case the trip was more important than the destination.
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