Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I gotta stop these late night posts. Ah, but there were a few things I wanted to write here.

First, earlier today I heard a guy on the radio hawking a book he wrote about being intellectually faithful to your partner. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I first heard that I had a vision of couples doing higher math and science exclusively with their partners and no one else.

Granted I've talked science and math with H (let's not even get into my deep rooted personal feelings on calculus), but I don't think I want to exclusively calculate or theorize with her. I'd like to be free to work geometric proofs and talk about the Pluto/Charon binary system with others if I wanted. Then again I haven't done the former since high school, and as for the latter ... ok, I was a bit of a Pluto slut a few months back talking to several people about that heavenly body.

Then I find out the guy is talking about sex when he said intellectually faithful. He thinks that to eliminate infidelity, partners should only fantasize about their partner and not mentally undress the hotties one runs into in our daily lives. This guy wrote a whole book on how he accomplished that for himself. Um, ...

Moving on, ...

hmm, I thought I had something a bit more serious and/or personal to write, but in my sleep filled mind, I'm drawing a blank.

Oh, this isn't it, but I got a bit of a I'm getting old shock the other day. I was a bit lazy about shaving and had several days worth of stubble on my face earlier this week. When I stepped in front of the mirror the stubble was long enough to give me an idea of what color beard I'd have if I grew one again. It'd be salt and pepper colored and not the dark one I remember from the time I did grow a beard. I knew the center of my goatee is gray, but it's just a patch in the center. For some reason I didn't stop to think that the rest of my facial hair would be turning too.

Well, night, all.
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