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I hate mornings, but I am up and far too coherent for my own liking. Right now I am sitting here waiting for my parents to get ready for our yearly trip out to the cemeteries.

This year, with dad practically living in the bathroom I am a little worried about how he will handle this trip.

I am taking the handheld computer with me and plan on chronicling the day in it. Then I will put this into my journal.

Enough for now. I'm going to see what is on TV while I'm waiting now.
I'm still waiting. We should have started out by now.
now I remember why I do not like driving with father in the car. It doesn't help that mom insists he sit in the passenger seat next to me while I'm driving. On the bright side we were only stopped by two trains. One heading one way the other heading the other way and then the first backing up across the tracks again and stopping. At that point we took a detour to get around the trains and dad went into full backseat driver mode.
I'd forgotten what beautiful trees there were on this drive, and how some of them were butchered because of power lines. If it wasn't such a difficult tree to bonsai I would love to try a weeping willow.

I'm writing this at the Braidwood, IL, McD's. Usually we stop at the Wilmington one, but as we just found out that one is now closed and gutted. It was a bit of a shock driving in the parking lot and noticing the shell that was the building.
Finishing up at the Bohemian cemetery. Gramp had a tree starting to take root over him which I dug up. I noticed dad looking over mama's grave and his own next to it. I'd like to write more, but Mom's ready to move on to the "Catholic Cemetery" where the rest of our family is.

I never knew any of the relatives here at the catholic cemetery. My great-grand parents and gramp's brothers. 'Uncle Lou' 1973... more later

Where was I? Oh, Uncle Lou. What I was going to say was he was the only one in that cemetery who lived during my life time and my being only 6 when he died I don't remember him. The other cemetery, the ...

um, ok now I should be able to finish this. let's see ... ok, the other cemetery. I know at least half there; My grandparents, Aunt Bess (Grandma's Sister), and Mama even though I didn't get a chance to know her I am of her. Then there are another set of great-grand parents there too.

I didn't really do much today, but I am tired. I doubt I put this in lj tonight. I think it's an early bedtime for me tonight.
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