Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm thinking of dumping my phone and internet service for Wow! If I did the math right, switching would save me a bit money wise and I'd get a faster internet connection too. Although before I make the switch I'd like some feedback/input.

Questions I'll be asking the company:
    Right now my only computer is a laptop that I would like to carry around.  Would 
    attaching it to a broadband connection be a hassle for connecting/disconnecting when I
    want to go mobile with the laptop?

    How will the switch be made?  Will a service person come to my house to set things
    up, or do I do it myself?

Hmm, thought I had more to say/add. Right now I'm drawing a blank, and time is ticking away, so I guess I'll move on to other projects that I need to do.
Despite it starting with "Today was …" the following was written a day or two ago and I'm just getting around to putting it up here with what I wrote above.
Today was a mix of good and bad news ending with puzzle pirate news.

I got confirmation that the long over due paperwork I kept referring to in this journal has finally gone through. So the trouble I was worried about with my state government (that I didn't mention), may now go away. Although, given the reputation of the revenue branches of government, I think I'll keep holding my breath for another year or so before I actually say the trouble with them is gone. That was today's good news.

The bad news was that apparently I didn't make the last payment for my root canal. I thought I did, but in all honesty, I wasn't sure. With Dad's illness and his recent death, my financial record keeping is not what it once was. Well, apparently that dentist office turned over the task of getting my final payment to a collection agency. Given the state government was wanting thousands of dollars from me (which the paperwork I filed disputing the charge should make go away), this one for less than $200 I got in exchange is almost laughable.

I don't even have the extra $200 to pay that dentist at the moment. Any other day I'd be panicking over that bill. Today after (prob.) getting rid of the possibility of owing thousands I'm not going to sweat a new bill asking for less than 200 dollars.


In ypp pirate news, last night, after pillaging with my main crew, I said my good nights to them and switched to my secret pirate identity which only H and ironically the ex-captain of my main's crew know. Well, after H said good night to me and left, I settled down to play some poker under that secret name. A few hands into the game that ex-captain sent me a message asking if I wanted to go pillaging with her. I didn't want to go, but I did just so she might mend that metaphorical fence she broke, and I agreed. Although keeping with the image of the fence, she'll never be able to repair that mending wall like it once was.

To quote Frost, "Good fences make good neighbors," She tore down the wall (now I'm quoting Pink Floyd? Wow, Frost to Floyd in one sentence!). Anyway, it's only fair I give her the opportunity to rebuild it.
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