Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

So much for switching to broadband -- at least with the company I said I was going to look into. Just called them and they said their service isn't available for where I live. Parts of my town, yes -- just not my part. Bah.

I also called the state capital today to confirm that the paper work I mentioned did go through with them. Today I received a payment form for tax money I don't owe them, and called to make sure the paper I filed to make that go away was on their records. The lady I talked to said it was on record and I could ignore the letter I got today. I will, but I'm hoping I don't get yet another letter from them about this whole issue. Bah x2

On the plus side, I ordered myself a new music CD. The first time in years I've treated myself to some music. It arrived in today's mail, and I'm listening to it for the first time right now. Bob Young's American Stories. He's an ok singer. It's the songs he writes that I really enjoy. yay x1

Hmm, I just realized that while I don't buy that many CD's a high percentage of what I have is local artists: Nomad Planets, Bob Young, Anita Silvert, The Woodstock High School Choirs, the Conversations with Thomas Jefferson series of CD's.

Ok, the Jefferson impersonator, Clay Jenkinson, isn't local to the area. However, he does come into Chicago once a year, and it's his Chicago performances that are recorded on the CD's. And for that matter Anita Silvert isn't local to Chicago either, but I'd be surprised if I ever came across anyone else that has her CD, Midwest Girl.

oops, I'm out of time. bah x3

later all.
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