Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

With that one company turning me down for broadband, I thought I'd give the local phone company another chance (a year or two back I asked a service rep and was told I couldn't). Well, when I went to the page for checking availability I got the order page instead. I went through the whole process then got the message that I can't choose my own activation date and will be notified when an activation date becomes available, do I still want to place the order? Or something like that.

I placed the order, but I get the feeling that that message was a fancy way of saying "You're out of luck, bud." And I'm wondering if they'll try charging me for placing the order, or wait until they give me an activation date whenever the @#$@# that will be.

::::Reading the fine print on the order confirmation page:::::: Ah, billing starts on the day of activation, and I should have a broadband connection by 8pm on the activation date (again whenever that is).

hmm :::::reading the fine print more::::: according to the fine print I told them I had a dial up internet account with them. I don't and don't remember any question along those lines. Ah, that just says to register as an existing costumer, I'll just register as a new one -- oh, now that I think of it I remember a question where I thought they were asking if I had phone service with them. Maybe I misread the question. Oh well, and oops.

Ah, it's late, and I should be in bed. Night all and Go Bears.
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