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ok, an update and then some sleep for me.

After I got back from Mom's tonight, I installed the software for my DSL modem, and now I have yet another email address. I also customized the webpage that is my homepage for this DSL service. Told it the kind of news I want to see, that I wanted Cubs scores, my local weather, and the weather in H's part of the world too (her weather is going to be a balmy 15 degrees F warmer than here tomorrow as her area will be just a little shy of actually going above freezing--not sure I can remember what that warm a temp. outside is like anymore).

It's also strange after having a dial up connection for so long to be web surfing, pick up my phone, and hear a dial tone.

I also logged on to my pirate game. Um, apparently someone I know through that pirate game is going through a rough time. That's all I'll say about that.

Then I switched to the free version of aol. Downloaded a game I've been curious about, but thought my dial up connection was the main thing stopping me from joining it. Seems I don't have the right video card too. Ah, I'm not fixing that problem anytime soon.

After that, I did join I'm listening to that free internet music service as I'm typing this. The concept it's based on, telling it music you like and it plays other songs it thinks you'll like based on the songs you've told it you like, intrigued me, and now I finally get a chance to join it and see about expanding my musical horizons some.

Listening to what it gave me seemed a bit too much like elevator-ish music. So I just told it I not only like Christine Lavin, and Pink Floyd, but AC/DC too. We'll see what kind of dirty deeds they put on with that edition to my musical tastes. Too bad they don't have any Bach on their play list. I'd really like to confuse them with my eclectic tastes and see what happens.

Well, I stayed up later than I should have. Night all.
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